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February 19, 2010


First, the morning class finally had their “love” with their Valentine’s Day Party. Thank you Mrs. Mullins for putting together a great party! Also, thank you to Mrs. Crouch who put together a great party last week for the afternoon class! There are many things we love about Kindergarten! One thing I love is teaching Kindergarteners. I asked the kids what they love about kindergarten and used wordle to create a picture of our thinking. There were four things the kids said they really love, which were repeated a lot…reading, writing, math, and skype. Today we also learned a little bit about Kansas City. We talked to friends out in Kansas City (Miss Thomas’ class) and we found them on Google Earth. It was great talking about weather and asking questions! Finally, I love the fact I was able to see the morning kids twice this week and I am hoping we have a full week of learning next week. On Friday, there is professional development for teachers; therefore, we will not have school.
I have added a few pages to the blog. You can check them out on the side under “About Me.” One is our learning goals and the other is pictures of our class. I love hearing the feedback. If there is something you would like to see, let me know and I will try and put it on!