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>Winter Wonderland!

February 15, 2010

>WOW…I cannot believe we will be off school again tomorrow. The last time I remember a snow season like this was when I was in high school at Glen Este. I really miss my morning class, I cannot wait to hear what they have been up to over the past week. This will be the 5th calamity day for West Clermont; therefore, we will have to begin making up days if we miss anymore. Our morning class will have missed 7; therefore, we will have to make arrangements to make those days up. Do not worry at this time, Mrs Brown and I work closely with Mrs. Schmidt and the District Office to plan those days. It is typical for this to occur.

I decided to start a blog for our classroom to keep you up to date on various happenings in our classroom and school. I also have a “flip video” camera I have used and thought it would be fun to put some videos of the kids learning and completing different activities. I also take LOTS of pictures throughout the school year and would like to share with you some of my favorites! I also wanted to give you some fun stories, which occur throughout our days in room 120!

A deck of cards is a great way to help your child with math skills. We love using them in the classroom. You can practice sorting by suits, color, or number. You can “steal a card” and see if your child can figure out what is missing. You can see this happening with John and Evan. We are working on addition; therefore, you can play “War,” but have to draw two cards and add them up!

I hope you enjoy…