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>Our Fall Feast…

November 21, 2010

>Our Fall Feast will be this Tuesday (November 23 at 9:30 and 1:15). We are very excited about our feast and activities for the day. We are asking for children to bring in one thing of nuts, fruit, and/or vegetables. We will be having the items you bring in, a little bit of turkey, and milk to drink. To make this day a success we are in need of volunteers to help on this day. If you can volunteer please come a little early to help cut and set out food. I know the children will appreciate your help and they love to see their parents at school! We would love to help Your children have been very busy creating Pilgrim hats, Native American Headbands, Necklaces, and Turkey Plates! We have been studying the various lifestyles of Pilgrims and Native Americans. We have been comparing and contrasting thier life to our ours today. We also have been talking about what we are thankful for and writing about this. This is probably one of my favorite days in Kindergarten! I cannot wait to see the children and take lots of pictures. I will share those with you all once the feast concludes!