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>A Week of Fun and More to Come…

September 18, 2010

>What a great week of learning! We have been practicing our routines and the letter A. We will continue to work on our routines this coming week; however, we will begin learning the letter E this coming week. The letter E is the long sound of /ee/ (the sound of /ee/ in words like eel, eagle, me, he, see). We have been working in centers this past week and again this coming week. Last week the children were able to build with blocks and legos to work on sharing and teamwork. In addition to blocks and legos, the children worked on making a coconut tree with letters of the alphabet since we read “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.” This also helped us work on our cutting and gluing skills. We also worked on puzzles. Puzzles are great for children to do to help with spatial awareness. It helps in math when we talk about geometry. We will be continuing to work on our writing our names. Please continue to help your child with this. We are looking for a capital letter and the remaining letters to be lowercase. In addition, please watch your child on how he or she grips the pencil. Your child should “pinch” the pencil at the bottom with their thumb and index finger and rest it on their middle finger.

I am looking forward to another great week. The afternoon class will go to music on Monday and the morning class will go to physical education on Tuesday. Do not forget we do not have school on Friday due to Professional Development for teachers.

>All Day Fun…

April 22, 2010


AM and PM Class

We had a great day yesterday with the morning class staying all day and meeting the PM class in the afternoon.  One of the highlights of the day was eating lunch at school!  The children also had the opportunity to learn about Earth Day, Addition, Writing, and Insects with Mrs. Brown, Keith Robertson (Clermont County Naturalist), Mrs. Heil, and myself.  The children did a fantastic job.  We were very proud of them.


April 20, 2010

>The AM class will stay all day tomorrow to make-up one of the 2-hour delays from February.  Your child will need to bring a packed lunch with a drink.  The children will ride home on the bus they come to school.  If you have any special transportation requests please send in a note or call.  If you wish for your child not to stay all day, they can be picked up at 11:55; however, this will be marked as an absence!  If you have any questions please email me or call 942-6900!

>Math Fun…

April 18, 2010


>Field Trip…

April 15, 2010

>I just want to remind everyone to turn in their field trip permission slip and money prior to April 20.  We need the permission slip and money prior to the trip to be able to receive the tickets for all the children.  Thanks for your help!

>Mrs. Duncan’s Time is Almost Over…

April 8, 2010

>This is my last full week of student teaching with Mr. Stahl. I have had such a great experience with your children. We have learned about word families, had an introduction to maps, and wrote some books together. I loved listening to them as they added how many feet live in their homes and when they explored the characteristics of 2D and 3D shapes. I especially enjoyed our sink and float lesson—their thoughts were amazing to me on why a rock the size of a quarter will sink but a large apple floats. Be sure to ask them on Friday about our gravity experiments! Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me.
~Mrs. Duncan

I have had a blast working with Mrs. Duncan this semester and I know your children have done a fantastic job.  Mrs. Duncan will continue to be in and out of the classroom until April 30.  She will also get a chance to join us on our field trip!
~Mr. Stahl

>New Faces…

March 25, 2010

>We will have some new faces in the classroom in the upcoming week! In addition to Mrs. Duncan, we will have two more student teachers joining us from March 29 to the end of the school year. Mrs. Duncan will be with us through the end of April. Ms. Sizler and Ms. Hildebrand will be in our classroom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Ms. Sizler will join the AM class and Ms. Hildebrand will join the PM class. These two students are in their junior yeat at the University of Cincinnati and are majoring in Early Childhood Education. They will be designing various lessons for small and whole group. Ms. Sizler and Ms. Hildebrand will not be taking over full teaching responsibilities, but will conduct various lessons. Just like Mrs. Duncan, I will be reviewing their lessons and will be in the room with them while they are teaching. I will be helping and providing feedback. I am looking forward to working with these students and having them help your children!

>Class Collections…

March 21, 2010


We are collecting aluminum and cans this week for our math and science lesson. We will be sorting, counting, and graphing the various items brought in for our project. We will also discuss recycling and the importance of doing something to help the earth. If you can send in any aluminum or cans for our project, this would be fantastic. I appreciate all of your help!

>Class Pictures…

March 8, 2010


Just a reminder we will have class pictures and individual pictures on Thursday, March 11. If you would like to purchase a class photo, then you need to send in the picture envelope with money. If you just want individual pictures, there is no money due at this time. Make sure your child is at school on time becuase our picture time is early in each session and I would hate for someone to be late and miss our class picture! Make sure to look your best and bring a great big smile to school!

>Kindergarten Registration…

March 8, 2010

>March is an important time in many districts in Ohio. This is the time we register children for Kindergarten. During the week of March 22, we will be having Kindergarten Registration for incoming Kindergartners to W-T. If you have a child or know of a child who will be attending Kindergarten next year please call to set up an appointment. If you have a child or know of a child who is currently enrolled in a West Clermont Preschool, you still have to complete the kindergarten registration. This year we will be registering at the Board of Education office. You will need to call 943-5000 to set up an appointment. There are some required items you must bring to the registration. You will be able to find this list on the West Clermont website ( along with other information regarding Kindergarten.