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>August is Here…

August 3, 2010

The summer is winding down faster than I can believe. Next thing I know I will be starting to set up the classroom and getting ready for the kids to arrive! I am quite excited to get the children in the classroom and begin teaching in our wonderful learning space. I know everyone will love it. I had a meeting this morning at the building and had the opportunity to walk down and see our space and I placed a few pictures of the room (check out the link to the left). I’m excited about getting in there and adding my touches to the room to make it fantastic!

As we continue towards the beginning of school take some time to make sure your child can recognize his/her’s first name, recognize a few letters, write/attempt first name, button/zip pants, and just enjoy reading to them! If your child can do more, that is great!

I cannot wait to meet all their smiling faces on the first day and I am sure your smiling faces will have tears of joy as they head off to school!


>Half Way There…

July 15, 2010

>I was thinking about this coming school year today and it came to me we are half way to the start of the school year. I always get excited about the upcoming school year. I am looking forward to meeting the new kids and helping them grow into learners. I also get excited about working with parents in helping their child succeed. I then become nervous about the year because we have a new building and all new procedures; however, we get to learn it all together!

I am sure you are beginning to have mixed emotions about the upcoming school year as this may be the first time you are leaving your child at school! It is an exciting time of your child’s educational career as the learn social/emotional skills along with academic skills. You may also be wondering if there is anything you can do to help prepare your child for September 7. A few things you can do is have your child write their first name, recognize the letters in their name, recite the alphabet in various speeds, count sets of objects in less than 5, read to your child and have them sit and listen to a book (5-7 minutes), and practice buttoning/zipping their shorts/pants. You may be thinking this is a lot, but you can do this in short time periods, at the dinner table, in the car, etc.

I think we will have a fantastic year and I look forward to seeing the smiling children and their mom, dad, and other family members September 7!


July 8, 2010

>I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!  I know I am.  I just returned from a fabulous trip to New Orleans.  I was able to attend the National Education Association Representative Assembly.  It was a great time working together with educators from across the nation.  Stay tuned for a post regarding what occurred!  In a couple of weeks I get to head down to Florida for a vacation with my wife.  We are headed to Anna Maria Island.  It is about an hour south of Tampa.  I am sure I will have a funny story to tell when I return…it always seems like something happens!
If you are doing anything exciting or visiting some great places (even in the State of Ohio) please share!

>Travel Fun…

June 11, 2010


I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer vacation! I know I am…I was packing tonight for a short trip to Chicago for some family fun this weekend. This made me think about what you could do in the car if you are traveling to help reinforce some skills. I have some great memories growing up being in the car traveling. Every year we would go on vacation and would travel for sometime in our van. It was fun, tiring, and at times stressful with my brother and sisters. This time in the car gives you a prime opportunity to talk with your children about various topics and to play some great games. One of my siblings favorite games is the “Alphabet Game,” as you drive look for a word that begins with A and then B and go through the alphabet (X is hard and when I got to Q I always hoped for a Dairy Queen would be close by). This game I still play on long trips with my wife, Shannon (yes…I am a dork like that). The Alphabet Game turned into a competition between everyone in the car…I will say I was a champion, but if you ask my siblings they may say they were. You can play this game with using sounds or letter identification. You could also change this to numbers and search for numbers on various signs. Another game is “I spy” and you can encourage your children to use various geometry terms to help reinforce math skills. We would also do a lot of word searches. I loved working on these in the car and my sister, Susan, and I would work together to finish the search. If you have any great games, let me know…I would love to learn some new ones!

If you are traveling…travel safe!

>Summer Fun…

June 1, 2010


Summer has arrived! I cannot believe the school year has ended. To all of my Kindergarten graduates, I hope you have a fantastic summer. Please take time to read, write, and work with numbers. This will help you become a strong first grader. To all my parents, thank you for a FANTASTIC year. This year would not have been successful without all of your help. I hope you have just as good of a year in first grade. I am looking forward to my new kindergartners in the fall. It will be here before we know it; however, we will have an amazing building to learn in.

Check back throughout the summer for other updates about what I have done over the summer and new information for the fall! Enjoy your summer vacation!