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>Scientific Thinking…

February 23, 2011


From Scientific Thinking

We have been reading and studying about scientists and what scientists do. We learned scientists draw and write about their thinking. Scientists also try experiments and continue to try new things. We also learned scientists use their senses to explore a topic. We worked with magnets this past week to explore our thinking and how they worked. We learned magnets did not stick to our tables, cabinents, and windows; however, we learned they stuck to the legs of the chair, the pencil sharpner, part of the scissors, and to the handle on the cabinents. It was great to listen to the children talking about what they discovered. We also came together to synthesize our information! It was such a fun time! We will continue to talk about scientists over the next few weeks.


>Science Fun…

January 29, 2011


The afternoon class had an amazing opportunity on Friday to learn science first hand! Ethan’s grandmother, Karen, teaches Science to 2nd-3rd graders in their Science Lab. Karen was gracious enough to use one of her half day personal days to come and visit with our class. SHe brought all kinds of animals and taught the children about reptiles. The look on the children’s faces were priceless. It was wonderful to see the excitement in the children about learning science. Ethan and Karen even put together a science experiment for the children to take home with them to practice observations. I cannot wait until Monday to ask the children about the observations they made. I cannot thank Karen enough for taking time out of her schedule to come and spend the afternoon with us and her grandson! Check out some of our photos of the fantastic learning, which occurred!
Science Fun in the Afternoon!

>Caterpillars to Butterflies…

May 7, 2010


We are working on our literacy and science unit on caterpillars. We have read a great non-fiction book “I’m a Caterpillar.” The children loved it and learned a lot of information. We have also been observing them and having a blast. Our caterpillars have been growing and two of them today went into their chrysalis. We have learned the differences between cocoons and chrysalises. You should ask your kids what the difference is and ask them to keep you updated on our little friends!