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>Look Right When Turning Right…

April 6, 2010


Many of you know I am addicted to running…it is a great addiction I must say! Also, many of you know I am training for the Flying Pig Marathon on May 2nd (less than a month)! However, I do a lot of my training outside and have noticed many drivers not looking right when they turn right. In addition with the beautiful weather upon us there are more and more people walking and running outside. In Mt. Washington and many other areas there are a lot of sidewalks; however, when I begin to cross a driveway or a road there are drivers who do not look right when they turn right. I try to stop, but many of times I am not as fast as a car. Therefore, the driver does not see me until the last moment. This past week I was almost hit twice and I do not want any of you to experience this. So a word of caution, please look right when turning right. I know I did not look right and neither did my wife until I began running and realized the danger.