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October 18, 2010

>It is amazing the kids are working so hard in our Read Well program. There are lot of things you will see coming home from our program. You may find yourself looking at this and wondering “I do not get this” and/or “I do not know what to do with it.” I want you to know you are not alone! Our program is different and I want to help you understand it the best I can. This will only help you help your child at home. Follow the link to read more about Read Well and view two short videos in relation to Read Well: . I hope this helps! I want to work together as a team to help your child in reading and math!



September 14, 2010


PM Class…

Well we are off and running to an exciting year of kindergarten. I absolutely love this age and love how far we come with the kids. Currently, I am reminded of how important routines are for our children. We are practicing, practicing, and practicing these routines in the classroom. We are working on coming in and hanging up our backpack, getting out our folder, and going to our seat. We are working on carpet routines. We are working on table and center routines. As you can tell we are working on A LOT. I must say many of the children are doing a great job learning the routines and are doing them well. We are also working on various academics and learning the routines of Read Well (this is our literacy program). We are learning the letter A and the sound associated. Our cheer with letter A goes “A says /a/, Ant on an Apple, /a/ /a/ /a/.” The kids are enjoying learning the song. In addition, we are working on handwriting and pencil grips. Please have your child pinch the pencil with their index finger and thumb. Also, we are working on going from top-to-bottom. Later in the week we are going to work on scissor/glue skills 🙂

We are having a blast in Kindergarten!