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>Gingerbread Houses Galore…

December 18, 2010


(more pictures located on the “Pictures of Us Learning” page)

We enjoyed gingerbread stories all last week and we have one final one on Monday, “The Gingerbread Girl.” I hope the children have been telling you about these books when they come home from school. Also, this past Friday, we had a blast building our gingerbread houses. The children did a marvelous job working together, sharing materials, and listening to directions to build a great house. I hope you enjoyed the houses when the came home! The children were so proud of themselves after they were finished. I was also proud of how hard they worked. Thank you to everyone who sent in materials to help with the gingerbread houses to make it a success. We also have one last “surprise” project on Monday for the children to work on as my gift to them.
On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will be taking a trip on the “Polar Express.” We will be talking about trains, shapes, counting, and sequencing. The children will also be writing about where they would go on a train. We will be reading the book and then watch the movie. In addition, the children can wear their pajamas to school on Wednesday as part of our unit. I think the children are going to enjoy this week at school.