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>Calendar Fun…

February 16, 2011

> When you go into many classrooms, especially early childhood classrooms, you will find a time set aside to study the calendar. This time is spent in many various ways throughout the country. I spend my time working with the calendar in various ways. I like to call my time “Morning/Afternoon Meeting.” We spend the time figuring out what today, tomorrow, and yesterday is on the calendar and we identify the numbers. We also play mystery number, where I take a number off the calendar and the children have to figure out what the missing number. In the later part of the year we mix the calendar up and the children have to put it back together. This allows us to work on ordering numbers. Some teachers like to add a day each day to the calendar; however, I feel different about this. My view on this practice is: you never see a partial calendar, when you look at the calendar you always see the entire month. I want this practice to be in my room because it helps us plan and helps the children develop a sense of time. At the conclusion of this short time we sing the Days of the Week and the Months of the Year. Check out our You Tube channel and watch the children singing “Days of the Week,” I am sure you will recognize the tune…I am apologizing in advance if it gets stuck in your head!


>Reading Fun…Music Fun…

February 4, 2011

>Over the past few weeks we have been working on our reading skills, but through the use of music. One of the reading components is “phonemic awareness.” Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear sounds in words. We have been using a lot of music to help with this skill. We sing a lot of various songs and then we change sounds to change the words. The songs turn into silly songs. You may have hear your child singing “Mr. Snowman,” Rainy Weather,” etc. These songs have helped us work through the idea of changing words without seeing them. For example, in the song “Mr. Snowman” (sang to the tune This Old Man) we sang Mr. Snowman only sings /y/ songs; therefore, he sings yick-yack-yaddy-yack. In addition, Mr. Snowman may only sing /v/ songs; therefore, he sings vick-vack-viddy-vack. Using music allows me to teach reading skills in an unique and fun way!

Lyrics to Mr. Snowman (to the tune of This Old Man)

Mr. Snowman

Sings /k/ songs

He sings /k/ songs all day long

With a kick-kack-kiddy-kack

Sing his silly song

He wants you to sing along!

>Short Vowel Fun…

January 10, 2011

>We have been working hard on learning our sounds of all the letters. We have learned many songs to help us. Last week and this week we have been working with a song by Miles and Tanny McGregor. Mr. McGregor is a retired art teacher from Holly Hill Elementary and Mrs. McGregor is one of our curriculum supervisors at the board of education office. Mrs. McGregor also taugh 3rd Grade at Holly Hill. We used their “Short Vowel Song” to review the sounds of the vowels. We also paired it with the sign of each letter in Sign Language. We also added a few other moves to have the song be for not just the singers in the class, but kids who like to move. I hope you enjoy (AM class will have a different video posted next week)…


>Jamming to Rhymes…

October 23, 2010

>One of the skills in literacy is to be able to recognize and identify rhyming words and also produce rhyming words. We have been working on rhyming words (recognizing, identifying, and producing) during our morning/afternoon carpet time. During this time we also work on our letters, sounds, number identification, and counting. Friday afternoon the kids had a little surprise when we had a jam session to “Make a Rhyme, Make it Move” by Jack Hartmann. Miss Todd’s class came over and joined us for the fun! Today we had a chance to do the song with the morning class. I think they loved it! Check it out below to see the fun!

>We are off and running…

March 3, 2010

>We are having a fantastic week! The children are trying their hardest. The morning class was able to go to Music today with Mrs. White and the PM class will go tomorrow 🙂 The children are working hard on their letters and sounds. In Read Well the children are doing a fabulous job on their units. We are working on writing stories with 2-3 sentences. In math, we are working on making our own graphs. I look forward to showing you some of their fabulous work! I cannot believe it is March. It seems like yesterday they were walking through the door in their shorts and tee-shirts into the “hot” classroom. We have come so far and I can only imagine what else we can accomplish in the next three months!