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>Calendar Fun…

February 16, 2011

> When you go into many classrooms, especially early childhood classrooms, you will find a time set aside to study the calendar. This time is spent in many various ways throughout the country. I spend my time working with the calendar in various ways. I like to call my time “Morning/Afternoon Meeting.” We spend the time figuring out what today, tomorrow, and yesterday is on the calendar and we identify the numbers. We also play mystery number, where I take a number off the calendar and the children have to figure out what the missing number. In the later part of the year we mix the calendar up and the children have to put it back together. This allows us to work on ordering numbers. Some teachers like to add a day each day to the calendar; however, I feel different about this. My view on this practice is: you never see a partial calendar, when you look at the calendar you always see the entire month. I want this practice to be in my room because it helps us plan and helps the children develop a sense of time. At the conclusion of this short time we sing the Days of the Week and the Months of the Year. Check out our You Tube channel and watch the children singing “Days of the Week,” I am sure you will recognize the tune…I am apologizing in advance if it gets stuck in your head!


>2 Dice and Some Adding…

January 21, 2011

>Today we worked on rolling two dice and counting the numbers together. I thought it would be a lot of fun to tape a few students completing the activity. We watched the video in class and talked about what happened. The children noticed how each of the pairs sat next to each other and how they were helping each other counting and writing. I was amazed how the children double checked their work and how they were really thinking about the math they were doing. It was fantastic listening to the children talk about the activity afterward. I wish I had taped that part too!



>We Are Beginning to Add…

January 19, 2011

>This week we are beginning to explore how numbers can be joined together and create a new number. We are in the early stages of addition. We are not writing out number sentences yet, but we are playing various games where we are taking two numbers and counting them together. We have played a game “Top-It.” This game is like “War” where you turn over two cards and count the numbers together and who ever has the highest amount wins (you can always change the game and play who has the lowest amount wins). We also played a game where you roll two dice and record the number you get. This is a fun game where children work on number writing, adding numbers together, and analyzing the data. The children are doing a fantastic job in the early stages of math. Two students in the afternoon were able to discover why the recording sheet did not list the number one. They came to the conclusion since you were playing the game with 2 dice, you can not roll and record the number one. If you had two ones you would have to record the number 2. It was awesome thinking!

>Gingerbread Week…

December 12, 2010

>We are beginning one of my favorite units this week, Gingerbread (the other ones occur in January and May). In Literacy we will be reading “The Gingerbread Man” and other gingerbread stories. We will be working on sequencing and then comparing/contrasting the various stories. In math we will be working with nonstandard measurement, relative position (above, under, over, across, etc.), and 3-D dimensional objects. On Friday we will make gingerbread houses. Your child will bring home their house on Friday too and you may display it at your home for the holidays. You should have received a pink sheet detailing our project. To make the project a success we need your help in supplying some materials; however, this is optional for you to send in the items. We are in need of graham crackers, small candies, and frosting. I circled a specific item for your child to bring in to make sure we had a enough of everything; however, you are more than welcome to help supply other items as well. I know the kids will be excited to make the houses! Thank you in advance for your help and as always thank you for everything you do!

>3-D Fun…

December 4, 2010

> The children this past week had the chance to explore 3-D shapes and then had the opportunity to build 3-D shapes. The children had a great time using marshmallows to build this shapes. The children had great discussion on the difference between 2-D and 3-D. The children learned 2-D shapes are flat and are on paper; whereas, 3-D shapes are objects you can feel and have sides and can put in your hands. This allowed the children to have a concrete definition of the difference between the two. We are going to go into the similarities and differences between 2-D and 3-D. For example, we will look at a square and a cube. I look forward to listening to the discussions we have.

>Shape Fun…

November 30, 2010

>This past week we have been working on identifying 2-Dimensional shapes. The children have to be able to recognize circle, rectangle, square, triangle, and hexagon. The children are doing a fantastic job recognizing them. We went on a shape hunt around the school to see what shapes we noticed on the building. We were able to find windows that were rectangles and squares. We even saw the circle window on top of the building. We noticed the bricks were rectangles and a metal piece that looked like a diamond, but we were smart kindergartners and knew it was a square standing on its point. We made shape posters by looking through magazines and looking for a particular shape. The children worked as a team at their tables to complete the posters (I will say they did an AWESOME job working together)! We challenged the children to look for hexagons and I was amazed on the objects they found in the magazines. The children were able to find snowflakes, beehives, and a game that were all in the shape of a hexagon! We are moving into 3-Dimensional shapes and will notice the similarities and differences of the objects!

>Cover, Uncover, Deck of Cards…

November 11, 2010


Math is upon us and I have to say it is one of my favorite things to teach; however, if you ask Miss Bailey (our student teacher) she says everything is my favorite thing to teach and read because I use this statement quite a bit (I must love kindergarten). We have been working really hard on number sense these past few weeks. We learned how to play Cover & Uncover. This is a simple game which you roll a dice and cover up the number shown. You then roll the dice again and cover up the next number. The object is to be the first person to cover up your board. Next, you then can play this with all the numbers covered up and then try to be the first person to uncover your board. The kids really enjoy this game. Another great game is using the deck of cards ace through 10. We show the kids the ace and they learn this means 1. We then take the cards and ask them to “steal” a card. Then the other person has to figure out what card is missing. It is a fun game where kids must understand numbers and order of numbers. I have to say the kids are doing a great job learning math! They are becoming mathematicians! Thanks for your continued support!

>Smart Board, Smart Learning…

October 16, 2010

>We have been using our Smart Board to help our learning. This tool we use is like a huge computer monitor you can touch. Just imagine your monitor bigger than a big screen TV that you can touch. This technology is allowing us to help our students learn 21st century skills. This is not the only way your child is learning, but it is allowing us to teach your child using another modality of learning. We are able to tap into the visual, auditory, hands-on, etc. learner. The children love using our Smart Board in literacy, writing, and math. Some of the other technology in the building is our sound system. I wear a microphone which amplifies my voice in an equal setting across the room; therefore, all the children in the room can hear equally my voice. It is amazing how much we are all learning together and at times, the children are learning faster than the adults. If you have not had a chance to come in to the school and check out our Smart Board or the other technology, please feel free to stop in and check it out!

You should check out some of our favorite sites we use on our Smart Board to help us with our letters, sounds, and math:

>Fall Fun…

October 6, 2010


In math this week we have been concentrating on counting objects and recognizing a set. We have been working really hard tagging and making sure we touch each item we count. We also been lining up the objects so we do not count an object twice. Yesterday the children were introduced to the ten frame board to help us count. Children rolled a dice and then placed “spiders” on the ten frame boards to represent the number on the dice. The children worked in pairs to allow for children to begin to develop sharing and teamwork skills. Counting is a key skill to be successful in math. Children need to be able to count a certain number of objects. Futhermore, we want children to be able to recognize a number on the dice without counting it. Any type of game using a dice will help with this skill. We will be working on other “dot” arrangements for these numbers. We want the children to be able to able to take their knowledge and apply it in other formats.

>Writing, Patterns, and Much More…

September 30, 2010


This week we all become writers! We received our “Writer’s Notebooks” this week and we wrote our first story. Now for kindergarten that is drawing a picture, but it was an exciting moment in our class as we received our special books and wrote the first story. Many children talked about their pet or sports. One child had a great story about a queen and dragon. I absolutely loved this moment. The children were so proud of their worked and did a super job. We then sat in a circle and some of the children shared their stories with the class. We will be working in our Writer’s Notebooks about 2-3 times a week. We will be working on drawing a detailed picture, labeling our picture, writing words, forming a simple sentence, and then by the end of the year we will be writing 2 or more sentences about our story. Ask your child about their “Writer’s Notebooks” as I feel they are just as excited as I am. Check out a few of these pictures showing the children working!

In Math we worked on making simple patterns with pattern blocks. We made AB and ABC patterns. The children were playing figure out my pattern. They had to guess what was missing in the pattern and explain how the pattern worked. Some children were having trouble explaining. Ask your child why? or how did you know this? when working on homework or when they say something. This helps with explaination which is an important skill in education!