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>Learning Overflow…Graphing Fun…

March 3, 2010


It was an overflow of learning in the classroom the past two day. We have been having fun graphing! The children came up with their own surveys to ask everyone in the room and took th information and made a graph. The children were loud and moving quickly throughout to get to their friends to find out information. If anyone peeked into our room, you would wonder what was happening; however, if you asked the children what was happening they would say “We are graphing,” “We can find out information,” “We can ask questions,” and much more. I was AMAZED by how much the children have learned about surveys and graphs. I was further AMAZED by their math thinking. The children were telling me certain pieces were “equal” or “I only need 3 more of something to have the most.” Angel stated “Oh my goodness, this is so much fun! Look at my graph.” Grady mentioned “I cannot wait to find out what my friends think.” Trenton said “Can we call our friends at Amelia and ask them?” In addition, the children had to practice their writing as they wrote their question and the chioces. It was an overflow of learning because we were able to learn so much!

>All I can say is "Wow"…

February 25, 2010

>When I think about this past week, the only word which comes to mind is “Wow!” We had a fantastic week of learning. We skyped with our friends from Amelia and Kansas City and talked about the olympic medals. The thinking which occurred from looking at the graph was amazing. John used the graph and realized there were only 3 more bronze than silver. Gracie stated “altogether there were 28.” Riley mentioned “we have come in third the most.” We also heard some great thinking from our friends.

In addition to skyping, we worked on the topic of Winter and Spring. We listed similarities and differences from these two seasons. We also wrote a sentence about winter and spring. We are hoping Spring comes early or at least the sun! We worked on making words and blending sounds together to read words…I must say we have a great group of readers. Keep on practice your letter naming and reading at home!

Today in math we worked on 2-D and 3-D shapes. Many of the children have the beginning understanding of 2-D is flat and 3-D has sides. In the PM we made 3-D shapes with marshmallows and toothpicks. The AM class will get to do this activity on Monday. I look forward to listening to their conversations about their learning.

It was a FANTASTIC week!

>Learning with Technology!

February 18, 2010

>It was a fun day of learning with technology in room 120…and there is a lot more to come! The day arrived for the morning class, in more than one way. First, they were welcomed back to school after being off since February 8! They have had an extended winter break due to snow days and delays. The kids came bouncing into the room all excited to tell me what they did. Quin mentioned he was able to visit the Airforce Museum and he told us all about the numbers and things he saw! I heard a lot of kids playing in the snow. However, the most important and exciting part of the day was their first Skype with Amelia Elemenary’s morning class. We introduced ourselves and talked a little bit about the olympics. We learned about the rings and a few of our favorite olympic sports. We also talked about the different countries flags and found similarities and differences between them. It was amazing to see how many flags are alike and how they are different. One observation made by Shushruth was the same colors seem to reappear in the flags. We noticed red was used a lot. It seemed everyone in the class found a flag they loved. We will be watching a few clips from an event tomorrow…hopefully where one of out athletes wins gold! We will also be graphing the medal count. You may want to check it out with your child and have them come and report back to me tomorrow for the graph. Check out our Skype session from the morning below!