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>2 Dice and Some Adding…

January 21, 2011

>Today we worked on rolling two dice and counting the numbers together. I thought it would be a lot of fun to tape a few students completing the activity. We watched the video in class and talked about what happened. The children noticed how each of the pairs sat next to each other and how they were helping each other counting and writing. I was amazed how the children double checked their work and how they were really thinking about the math they were doing. It was fantastic listening to the children talk about the activity afterward. I wish I had taped that part too!



>We Are Beginning to Add…

January 19, 2011

>This week we are beginning to explore how numbers can be joined together and create a new number. We are in the early stages of addition. We are not writing out number sentences yet, but we are playing various games where we are taking two numbers and counting them together. We have played a game “Top-It.” This game is like “War” where you turn over two cards and count the numbers together and who ever has the highest amount wins (you can always change the game and play who has the lowest amount wins). We also played a game where you roll two dice and record the number you get. This is a fun game where children work on number writing, adding numbers together, and analyzing the data. The children are doing a fantastic job in the early stages of math. Two students in the afternoon were able to discover why the recording sheet did not list the number one. They came to the conclusion since you were playing the game with 2 dice, you can not roll and record the number one. If you had two ones you would have to record the number 2. It was awesome thinking!

>Cover, Uncover, Deck of Cards…

November 11, 2010


Math is upon us and I have to say it is one of my favorite things to teach; however, if you ask Miss Bailey (our student teacher) she says everything is my favorite thing to teach and read because I use this statement quite a bit (I must love kindergarten). We have been working really hard on number sense these past few weeks. We learned how to play Cover & Uncover. This is a simple game which you roll a dice and cover up the number shown. You then roll the dice again and cover up the next number. The object is to be the first person to cover up your board. Next, you then can play this with all the numbers covered up and then try to be the first person to uncover your board. The kids really enjoy this game. Another great game is using the deck of cards ace through 10. We show the kids the ace and they learn this means 1. We then take the cards and ask them to “steal” a card. Then the other person has to figure out what card is missing. It is a fun game where kids must understand numbers and order of numbers. I have to say the kids are doing a great job learning math! They are becoming mathematicians! Thanks for your continued support!

>Travel Fun…

June 11, 2010


I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer vacation! I know I am…I was packing tonight for a short trip to Chicago for some family fun this weekend. This made me think about what you could do in the car if you are traveling to help reinforce some skills. I have some great memories growing up being in the car traveling. Every year we would go on vacation and would travel for sometime in our van. It was fun, tiring, and at times stressful with my brother and sisters. This time in the car gives you a prime opportunity to talk with your children about various topics and to play some great games. One of my siblings favorite games is the “Alphabet Game,” as you drive look for a word that begins with A and then B and go through the alphabet (X is hard and when I got to Q I always hoped for a Dairy Queen would be close by). This game I still play on long trips with my wife, Shannon (yes…I am a dork like that). The Alphabet Game turned into a competition between everyone in the car…I will say I was a champion, but if you ask my siblings they may say they were. You can play this game with using sounds or letter identification. You could also change this to numbers and search for numbers on various signs. Another game is “I spy” and you can encourage your children to use various geometry terms to help reinforce math skills. We would also do a lot of word searches. I loved working on these in the car and my sister, Susan, and I would work together to finish the search. If you have any great games, let me know…I would love to learn some new ones!

If you are traveling…travel safe!

>Counting On…

March 19, 2010


This week we played “WAR!” The children were practicing the idea of counting on from a larger number. This is such a great way to help children begin the idea of counting on and the beginning of addition. The children draw two cards and then decide which card is bigger. We slap the card and say the number aloud. We then count on from the respective number while touching the other card. The child who has the largest number wins the cards. You could modify the game to the person with the lowest number wins the cards. This allows the children to practice numbers larger and smaller. I noticed some of the children able to look at 2 and 3 and add quickly and say “5.” It was such a fantastic day watching the children learn and grow through the use of this game! You may want to try it at home…I would love to know what you all think…