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>Cover, Uncover, Deck of Cards…

November 11, 2010


Math is upon us and I have to say it is one of my favorite things to teach; however, if you ask Miss Bailey (our student teacher) she says everything is my favorite thing to teach and read because I use this statement quite a bit (I must love kindergarten). We have been working really hard on number sense these past few weeks. We learned how to play Cover & Uncover. This is a simple game which you roll a dice and cover up the number shown. You then roll the dice again and cover up the next number. The object is to be the first person to cover up your board. Next, you then can play this with all the numbers covered up and then try to be the first person to uncover your board. The kids really enjoy this game. Another great game is using the deck of cards ace through 10. We show the kids the ace and they learn this means 1. We then take the cards and ask them to “steal” a card. Then the other person has to figure out what card is missing. It is a fun game where kids must understand numbers and order of numbers. I have to say the kids are doing a great job learning math! They are becoming mathematicians! Thanks for your continued support!