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>We Are Beginning to Add…

January 19, 2011

>This week we are beginning to explore how numbers can be joined together and create a new number. We are in the early stages of addition. We are not writing out number sentences yet, but we are playing various games where we are taking two numbers and counting them together. We have played a game “Top-It.” This game is like “War” where you turn over two cards and count the numbers together and who ever has the highest amount wins (you can always change the game and play who has the lowest amount wins). We also played a game where you roll two dice and record the number you get. This is a fun game where children work on number writing, adding numbers together, and analyzing the data. The children are doing a fantastic job in the early stages of math. Two students in the afternoon were able to discover why the recording sheet did not list the number one. They came to the conclusion since you were playing the game with 2 dice, you can not roll and record the number one. If you had two ones you would have to record the number 2. It was awesome thinking!


>Marvelous Mathematicians…

February 24, 2010


Today we learned how to add and write number sentences. We worked with 2 color counters (one side yellow and the other red) and the children shook them in their hands and dropped them on the table. Next, the children had to look at how many yellow and red counters were on the table and formulate a number sentence. The children then repeated this task with the exact same number of counters. It was amazing to see how surprised they were to see the answer was always the number of counters they started with. Also, it was great to talk to them about what to do when all their counters were the same color. It was a marvelous day in math. Check with your child about what they are thinking about math and adding.

You can replicate this activity with some coins. You can have them use 5, 6, 7, or 8 coins of one kind and have them find a number sentence with heads and tails! I am going to upload a few pictures later on this evening about the activity!